What is a sober companion?

If you've ever struggled with drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviors, you know that staying sober and on the right track isn't always easy.

For those that need a little extra support, there are services that can help. The sober companion is one of these services! 

A sober companion is someone who provides intensive one-on-one support for people recovering from addiction.

They help their clients with all aspect of staying sober, making sure that a treatment plan is followed and compliance is achieved. ,

Also known as...

  • Recovery Coaches
  • Sober buddies
  • Recovery companions

Hire a Sober Companion

When to hire a sober companion service?

Sober companion services aren't meant to be lifelong solutions. It wouldn't be cost effective, or helpful to the recovering individual! The end goal of every sober companion relationship is that the recovering client feels safe, stable and confident enough to take their recovery into their own hands.

​A sober companion is meant to be a temporary resource, to help aide their clients success on the road to recovery. Sober companions are like crutches, that help their clients navigate particularly challenging times in sobriety. If you're in any of the following scenarios, a sober companion or sober coaching service may be right for you...

You just got out of Inpatient Rehab...

The first few weeks back out in "the real world" can be tough.

You'll be introduced to new pressure, and temptation daily.

Solidifying your new healthy habits by practicing them in your daily life during this time is essential to long term recovery.

A sober coach can help you stay on top of your treatment plan, and help you deal with any difficult emotions that may come up.

You're about to go into rehab...

It can be tempting to go on "one last bender" to get it out of your system before going into rehab...

That's a dangerous game to play and is exactly why some people (or their families) hire a sober companion or sober buddy to escort recovering individuals to a rehab center.

You were prescribed meds...

Sometimes there's no way around taking potentially addictive medications.

Maybe you were injured and have to take painkillers or maybe you have to take an opiate, benzo, or stimulant for other legitimate reasons... 

No matter what the case, having a sober coach with you to help you take your meds as prescribed could help cut down on cravings and prevent addictive behavior.