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What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a type of addiction recovery facility that provides structure, access to recovery groups, and monitoring for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The amount of structure, treatment methods, and quality of care varies from program to program. All of them are designed to help those who suffer from addiction transition from treatment to independence.

There are co-ed sober living homes as well as sober living homes for men and women specifically. There are also sober living homes for teens and adolescents.

Sober living homes are one step in the multi-step process of addiction recovery. Different levels of care are needed for different situations. It isn't always necessary to start at the highest level of care, but in most cases a brief stay in rehab and/or detox is needed prior to attending a sober living home.

We'll explain each level of care, what they do, and who they are best suited for below...

Level 1: Detox Center

Cost: Varies, insurance accepted.

Time to complete: 4-5 Days

What they do: Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be uncomfortable--or even deadly--if not properly monitored.

Drug detox centers help addiction sufferers get through withdrawals in a safe, secure environment.

These facilities are typically staffed with medical professionals (doctors and nurses).

Level 2: Drug / Alcohol Rehab

Cost: Varies, insurance accepted.

Time to complete: 30-90 Days

What they do: In rehab, addiction suffers are introduced to the disease model of addiction (that addiction is a treatable medical affliction, not something that is inherently wrong with them).

They are introduced to therapy, and helped uncovering the underlying causes of their addictive behavior.

They are also introduced to recovery options like meditation and 12-step meetings.

Level 3: Sober Living

Cost: $600 - $12,000, private pay only, insurance NOT accepted.

Time to complete: 1-12 months

What they do: A quality sober living home provides residents with structure, support and accountability.

Residents have much of the freedom they'd have living independently (are free to come and go, as long as they check-in / check-out) and can engage in regular life activities (having a job, significant other, etc).

Level 4: Sober Companion

Cost: $1,000 / day, private pay only, insurance NOT accepted.

Time to complete: 1-90 days

What they do: a sober companion is an optional step-down service for people who need help staying sober on a day-to-day basis.

A sober companion will hang out with clients all day, make sure they get to recovery meetings, therapy, and other appointments.

They'll also provide coaching and help talk addiction sufferers through difficult experiences.

Read more about sober companion services in NYC.

What Does a Sober Living Home Provide?



In a good sober living home, you'll get access to a community of like-minded people who are also in recovery. These people will become like family to you as you work towards recovery together, supporting and encouraging each other along the way.

Sober living homes often have weekly or daily house meetings, where clients are encouraged to share about difficulties with sobriety, or interpersonal difficulties that may arise around the home. In sober living, you'll make lifelong friendships, and meet people just like you who are working to better their lives.



Sober living homes have access to treatment professionals like doctors, psychiatrists, addiction therapists, recovery coaches. Luxury sober living facilities often also provide access to acupuncturists, massage therapists, equine therapists, among others.

Most sober living homes do not employ these professionals on-site (though some do). However, their connections and access to the best professionals in the community, who are specialists in providing treatment for addiction is unparalleled. The quality of the providers available varies greatly, based on the quality of the sober living home.

How Much Does a Sober Living Home Cost?

The cost of a bed in a sober living home varies based on the neighborhood the house is in; whether the resident prefers a private or shared room; and the level of individual care the home provides.

On the low end, a bed in a shared room in Staten Island would cost around $600 / month. On the high end, a private room in Manhattan would cost around $12,000 / month. It's important to note that sober living homes in New York City are not classified as medical service, and therefore do not take insurance.

What Can I Expect for My Budget?

Here's what you could expect with a
sober living budget of $600 / month.

  • check
    Located in Staten Island, Bronx, or Upstate NY
  • check
    Shared rooms
  • check
    Low level of individual care (low staff to client ratio)

Here's what you could expect with a
sober living budget of $4,000 to $5,500 / month.

  • check
    Located in Brooklyn, Queens
  • check
    Shared & Private Rooms
  • check
    Low level of individual care (low staff to client ratio)

Here's what you could expect with a
sober living budget of $5,500 to $7,500 / month.

  • check
    Located in the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • check
    Shared rooms
  • check
    High level of individual care (high staff to client ratio)

Here's what you could expect with a
sober living budget of $7,500 to $12,500 / month.

  • check
    Located in the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Easy access to prime locations throughout NYC.
  • check
    Private rooms
  • check
    High level of individual care (high staff to client ratio)

How Do I Pay for Sober Living?

Sober living homes do not accept insurance: Sober living homes in New York City are not considered medical services and as such would not be covered by insurance. Some types of addiction recovery programs are able to accept insurance. Detox centers, drug rehabs, and intensive outpatient facilities are often covered by insurance.

Scholarships (discounts and free beds) may be available: Some sober living homes offer free or discount beds for residents who are exceptionally motivated to get sober, but can't afford the full rate.

Many families pay for their loved one to stay in sober living: Addiction affects the entire family, not just the person who suffers. Everyone in an addicted family has some kind of pain they need to heal from. When the family pays for the addiction sufferer in their group into sober living and on the right track, the entire family can recover together.

Warning: Read this Before You Visit a Sober Living Home

Because residence in a sober living is not classified as a health service, the level of care you can expect to receive will vary. 

Some programs look good on the outside, but put residents in danger with irresponsible rules and practices. The sober living horror stories we could tell would disturb you. 

Knowing how to avoid bad actors, frauds, and unhealthy environments can mean the difference between life and death when selecting a sober living home. This is not hyperbole, it's an unfortunate truth. Fortunately, we've got you covered! 

Here's what to look for when searching for a Sober Living home...

Programs should have zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use.

When an addiction sufferer lives in sober living and relapses (uses drugs or alcohol), they should be immediately removed from the sober living environment and sent to a higher level of care (rehab or detox).

Some sober living homes allow residents who relapse to stay in the sober home. This creates toxicity in the community and, more often than not, results in tragedy (overdose, arrest, hospitalization).

Programs should drug test regularly, at random intervals, and should use advanced tests.

Some sober living homes only test on a regular basis (ie once per week).

This allows addiction sufferers the ability to get around drug tests and use drugs / alcohol in the house. 

By testing on a regular basis as well as at random intervals, and using advanced drug tests (that test for substances other tests don't look for), quality sober living homes can keep a caring eye on their clients.

Finding work, attending therapy, or going to school should be top priority.

Some sober living homes allow addiction sufferers to "hang out" all day and do nothing. 

As long as their family keeps paying the rent, they're allowed to do nothing and go nowhere. This will keep them sick, and prevent them from truly growing in recovery.

In most cases, it ends up in relapse and potentially jails/institutions/death.

A good sober living will give their residents structure, and a purpose (whether that's school, therapy, or work). They should have something to do for 8 hours a day, other than stay at home.

Sober Living Homes in NYC

City Recovery of America

City Recovery of America
[email protected]

The Bridge NYC

The Bridge NYC
[email protected]
Lance R. 917 273 6886
Jimmy H. 917 692 1381
Office. 646 928 0085

Williamsburg House

Harrison House Sober Living

Harrison House Sober Living

Transcend Recovery Center

[email protected]

Hazelden Betty Ford

Hazelden Betty Ford
[email protected]

Odyssey House

Odyssey House
[email protected]

Lower Eastside Service Center

Lower Eastside Service Center
[email protected]

Phoenix House


Saint Peters Addiction Recovery Center


The Addictions Care Center

[email protected]

Hope House

[email protected]

Christian Fellowship House

[email protected]

Unity House

[email protected]

Cazenovia Recovery System

[email protected]
[email protected]


[email protected]

Fairview Recovery Services

[email protected]

Dynamic Youth Community Inc

[email protected]

North Country Freedom Homes

[email protected]

Twin Country Recovery Services

[email protected]

Sea field Center

[email protected]
[email protected]

Mid Hudson Addiction Recov Centers Inc

[email protected]

Mary Haven Center for Hope


Open Arms

[email protected]

Starbent Recovery

(800) 673-0176

Council On Addiction Recovery Services Inc

(716) 373-4303
[email protected]

Maxwell House

[email protected]

New Hope Manor

[email protected]

St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers

[email protected]

East House

[email protected]

New Choices Recovery Center

[email protected]

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare

[email protected]

The Watershed

[email protected]

Vasuli House Sober Living

(212) 804 - 7318

Create Inc

[email protected]

The Next Step

The Next Step
[email protected]

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